Research in the UK

My academic interests are in the material and visual expressions of cultures, places, and spaces. My initial research explored the idea and meaning of home and homemaking in the context of migration. This research was published as a book 'Material Cultures, Migrations, and Identities' (Palgrave 2015) that focuses on theoretical and methodological aspects of researching Russian migrants homes framed around three themes: homemaking and decorating practices, clothing and dressing practices, and food and cooking practices.

My current research explores representations and meanings of home from the perspective of the users of the online renting service AirBnB.

research and expertise keywords

Homes and Homemaking Cultures, Material Culture, Homes and Migration, Migration, Identity, International Higher Education, Cultural Geography, Qualitative Social Research, Qualitative Analysis, Visual Sociology, Visual Studies, Interview Analysis, Data Analysis, Social Research, Academic Writing, Research Methodology, Methodology, Russia, UK.

regions of expertise

USSR, former USSR, Russia, Russian-speaking migration to the UK / USA / Western Europe; Great Britain, London, Oxford, North-West of England

selected conference presentations

  • 11/04/2018 ‘The Study of Diasporic Identities through Home-Making Practices’. Presented at BSA Annual Conference 2018 as part of Race, Ethnicity and Migration special event. Northumbria University.

  • 06/2017 Material cultures, migrations, and identities: Researching home of Russian migrants communities in the UK, presented at International Workshop on Researching Home and Migration: Questions, Methods, Prospects. An International Workshop within the ERC HomInG project, 5-6 June, 2017, Trento. Presentation video recording: 

  • 04/2017 "Cosy Room in Charming Flat". The construction of Home and non-Home on AirBnB, presented at the British Sociological Association Conference, 4-6 April, 2017, Manchester. Presentation slides:

  • 08/2015 National Food and Russiannness in Immigration, presented at the 12th Conference of the European Sociological Association August 28th, 2015, Prague.

  • 07/2015 Researching migrants’ homes: the atmospheres of Russianness, presented at the Atmospheres Conference, July 1-2, 2015, the University of Manchester

  • Platform Ukraine podcasts: social research in the post-socialist space, UCL SSEES, 17 December 2014

  • Video recording of the presentation at QM Teaching and Pedagogy Conference (June 2013) in Cardiff .


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August 13, 2016 Ссылка на исследование в статье “«Людям тяжело тут жить». За что русские в Германии и Израиле поддерживают Путина?”

November 1, 2015 Interview to Russia News Agency «В новом доме они строят маленькую Россию»

October 22, 2015, Research University - Higher School of Economics, video interview: «Взять сувенир из России на память!»