consultancy and work outside academia

In addition to teaching and academic research some of my other work is related to single or multi method research design and management with particular focus on ethnographic, creative/visual and sensory methods. Prior to academia I have worked in advertising and market research industry and I have engaged with research agencies and private enterprises in Russia and the UK as a researcher and consultant. I consult on research of culturally specific issues and topics, with a particular speciality in Russian-speaking and post-Socialist cultures and communities.

I speak Russian, English, understand French, Italian and Swedish.

Personal and family archives research support

In partnership with photographer Ken Kajoranta I provide research support on personal memorabilia projects including work on arranging and thematising personal items and visuals for archives, collecting and organising stories and biographic narratives.

  • In-depth research into family archives and collections using a range of ethnographic and biographical research methods

  • Thematic analysis of existing family memorabilia, including material objects, letters, photographs and other items

  • Setting up a digital archive that reflects it’s unique identity

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social research training

I have more than 10 years experience in academic research and in research methods training. As an international scholar from Russia who lived through and experienced the Soviet to post-Soviet transition, I have acquired a rich and complex set of experiences that have shaped my working methods and scholarly research alike. Building on these experiences, I can offer support in the following social research areas :

  • Social research design (qualitative, ethnographic, home ethnography, visual and sensory research, participatory research)

  • Qualitative methods (taking in studies in domestic and material cultures)

  • Working in Russia and post-Soviet contexts generally

  • Working with migrant communities

  • Academic research and writing (from an international-scholar perspective)