My recent travel to Moscow

In October 2015 I made a brief, but eventful visit to Moscow as part of my involvement (for last time!)  as an external examiner with Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences. The visit presented a great opportunity to catch up with colleagues and participate in discussions about studies of Russian identity from the perspective of Moscow-based scholars.

The highlights of my visit are, of course, my presentation at the Research University - Higher School of Economics on October 22nd which resulted in this brief video interview with the HSE Sociology students:

Then, on October 24th I attended another great event - a roundtable discussion on Socio-Historical aspects of National Identification in Russia, Ukraine, and  Poland organised by the group of researchers from the Institute of Sociology in Russian Academy of Science. The report of this full-day event which featured both historically and sociologically oriented presentations can be accessed via this link: 


Photo via: Facebook/nationalidentification

Photo via: Facebook/nationalidentification

Event report: Book launch of Material Cultures, Migrations, and Identities

Here are a few snaps from the event. It was a great afternoon, thanks so much to everyone who attended, supported, listened, asked questions, ate Russian sushki and pryaniki and travelled to imaginary Siberia with me. The presentation slideshow that I used will be on this website shortly.

Next stop: Moscow, Higher School of Economics, Thursday, 22 October 2015, 6.10 p.m.  Myasnitskaya 9/11, room 325. I will be talking about the book and the method I used to study migrants' homes.