Airbnb Homes, Experiences, and Places: Project Update

Last week we presented our project for the first time at the British Sociological Association conference in the Cities, Mobilities, Spaces and Places stream. It was a great opportunity to get feedback and sharpen ideas on place/home making, dimensions of home, sense of home and identity, approaches to capture intangible and sensory dimensions of home and many more.

It has also presented a good timing to reflect on the current state of the project and it's future directions.

Currently, we are finishing the pilot stage and in May we will move on to transcribing the results and outlining directions of analysis and further fieldwork. We will be writing up the findings in a paper towards the end of the year. We are also working on getting research funding for the study. 

We are still looking for participants (both hosts and guests) to conduct interviews later this year. Please, pass the word!

Here are the the slides of our BSA presentation.